The Creators Project Shoots Amazing Footage Via Chopper

The Phantom camera can shoot 1000fps in full HD. This is what happens when you strap it to a helicopter, truck, and boat with gyroscopes.

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David Keller's picture

great stuff.. man i'd love to have one of those phantom cameras.

Daniel Quoc Nguyen's picture

i was "WOW" the entire clip.... how cool is that..!

Luca's picture

Great! Thx for sharing!

Blackheartking's picture

This is amazing, I'd love to have on of those too! It must be amazing for sports

Eric Duminil's picture

I really loved "That's is that's all", so thanks for this video!

The slow-mo scenes are just insane.

Peggy Peralta's picture

WOW!!!! inspiring! love the slo-mo surf footage!

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

man I broke my back a couple of times so now I just shoot film from choppers!!!!..... geez. shooting video with a weapons grade stabilization sounds like a good alternative.

Tobi's picture

They must have sooo much budget!