Get a New Perspective on Aerial Photography With a 360-Degree Camera

Drones have given us an entirely new perspective in photography and videography but, of course, they aren't the final frontier. This video from PhotoshopCAFE offers a different take on aerial photography and shows you how to do it.

Host Colin Smith shows how to mount a 360-degree camera to a DJI Mavic drone, a pretty nifty idea that sounds like it could result in some killer footage. Smith picked up what he believes are 3D-printed mounts that snap quickly and easily onto the top and bottom of his Mavic, and headed out to the beach. 

Once there, he demonstrates how easy it is to attach the camera to the drone and, while he uses a Mavic, a quick Google search shows similar mounts are available for other UAVs.

The additional camera didn't affect his flight too much, though Smith notes that when it was mounted to the underside of the drone, it did create some wobble. Another thing to think about when flying with an additional camera attached to your drone is how far above or below the drone it extends and adjust to make sure you don't fly too close to obstacles, such as a crashing wave. 

Check out the video and see his results. 

Are you interested in 360-degree photography or videography? Would you mount one to your drone? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.

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Just another expensive toy for teens with extra money to burn...