Happening Now! Felix Baumgartner's Live Space Jump

Happening Now! Felix Baumgartner's Live Space Jump

Felix Baumgartner is up in the air, and if all goes well he will be the first man go to supersonic without the use of a propulsion device: Just him and his space suit. The first launch was aborted due to high winds, but this one seems to be going smoothly. You can get more information outside of the video here at Red Bull Stratos.

Outside of any unforeseen problems, Felix will break four records today: highest altitude reached by a man on balloon, highest jump (at least 120,000 feet, 23 miles), longest free fall ever and first man to go faster than the speed of sound without any propulsion device. To do so, he will ride the biggest balloon to ever carry a human being. That's a lot of "ever" and "highest" in there. Good luck Felix!

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It's nice that they show it live but the livefeed speed sucks. It's constantly buffering (every 2 seconds) for about 30 seconds and it sure as hell isn't my internet conecction which is pretty darn fast

I still think that it's your internet connection, I'm getting clean, no lagging feed, no buffering.

Yes, same here. That's a real bummer Bjorn :(

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Stop downloading pr0n meng!

 Thx for the tip! Totally forgot about the 20 porn downloads, I had going on :)

NOW! I get a real clear stream, too! It really isn't my connection ;). Maybe it was a problem of location (the connection to Germany)

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Any other non-Youtube live feeds out there?