Owner Rescues Stranded Drone With New Drone

Flying drones is a thrilling experience until you inevitably crash. This drone pilot's roommate crashed his drone on a neighbor's roof. Using another camera and coat hanger-equipped Phantom 3, he was able to retrieve it in a scene fit for a James Bond movie.

Apparently the roof itself was inaccessible and a drone rescue was the only option. I've personally destroyed two Phantoms at this point and so this video brings a tear of joy to my eye.

Surprisingly, we were able to take a Phantom with us around the world twice filming with it for three months and it survived every dangerous situation we flew it in. You can check out a bit of aerial footage we got in Iceland in our video "A Drone In Iceland":

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Michael Chee's picture

"Hang in there BUdDY!!!"

Justin Haugen's picture

The Hans Zimmer score from Interstellar is so funny in this video lol

Luca Albertalli's picture

I was the only one scared? The hook didn't look very stable and there were two streets nearby with people walking. The risk of the second drone slipping off and hitting someone wasn't low. Nice try though, but I would have tried to fly lower and as quickly as possible to a safe landing.

Anonymous's picture

.........aaaand drug deals will never be the same.