Surreal Insta 360 X Drone Video Captures the Portugal Coast and Alps Mountains

Here is a beautiful and original 360-degree video filmed from a racing drone over the cliff and mountains of Europe.

Racing drones are capable of recording unique footage. In this video, drone pilot Bobesh Oz cruises along the cliff of the Atlantic coast in Portugual before heading to the snow covered summits of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland.

Usually drone racing footage is not stabilized and comes directly from the GoPro camera mounted in front of the aircraft. Therefore, the smoothness of the video is directly related to the pilot’s skill. Some editors also use the popular ReelSteady plugin to stabilize the footage in postproduction.

But in this case, Bobesh Oz mounted an Insta 360 ONE X camera (4.06 ounces, or 115 grams) on top of a small Kinetic Aerial Vector SE 5-inch frame. The result looks unreal thanks to the creative editing technique. Indeed, the camera records a 360-degree video in all direction at 5.7K resolution (5,760 x 2,880) and the framing and stabilization happens in postproduction. After the flight, the video editor selects the field of view and can rotate the frame at will.

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Greg Parillo's picture

This cam is incredible, but the venture case to protect it is still not available, so we can use it for nothing

Idan York's picture

Wow, that's just gorgeous. So beautifully done. I can watch this all day! 💖