Two Effects Make For One Dizzying Drone Video

Tim Sessler of Brooklyn Aerials and Brandon Bray of Decade have teamed up to create a dizzying drone video. Using extreme rolls and the "Vertigo" effect they have successfully created footage of New York City unlike anything we have seen before. In a video titled "Balance" they hope to explore the feeling of imbalance that is more in tune with the real world rather than the perfectionist and steady footage we usually see. Queesy stomachs beware!

In a video that feels a bit like a rollercoaster ride we can see for the first time the "Vertigo", or dolly-zoom effect, used on a drone. In addition, the directors have added extreme rolls, and the end result is a stunning cinematic experience that leaves us a bit dizzy. It is a bit unsettling but beautiful and well captured in its own way.

Using a Canon 15.5-47mm Lens coupled with the RT Motion FIZ they were able to capture the Vertigo effect. The drone used was a Freefly ALTA 8 and the camera used was the RED CF Weapon 6K.

[via SLRLounge]

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I had to stop half way through, I was seriously going to throw up

The 2 shots at 1:54 were the best example of the Vertigo Effect - Zooming in/out while dollying in/out

If you watch this while listening to the ‘Inception’ soundtrack it’s pretty cool. I’m trying to imagine this in VR, now that would be messed up.