[Video] How To Land An RC Airplane With A Camera Safely

[Video] How To Land An RC Airplane With A Camera Safely

These days RC helicopters with video cameras are becoming more and more common because you can control and land them in almost any terrain. Have you ever wondered how you have to land an RC airplane when there are no available runways? Apparently you have to fly them directly at yourself and then snatch them out of the air with your bare hand. Check out this fantastic video which shows the pilot in some pretty incredible locations catching the plane again and again.

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lol that's awesome, I like how he's got the gutts to include the fails at the end as well. Thanks for posting!

What kind/make plane/RC/Camera did you use ? And from where did you buy ?

I was expecting crashes in the beginning and perfect landing in the end but your video turned experience the other way around ;) Enjoyed !!!

Watching the crashes at the end made my day.  Thanks to you and Horst. 

That just made me laugh! Really cool! Love it!


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some of those catches like on those towers, i think I would've fallen off trying to catch the plane.