Why Use a Drone When You Have a Seagull?

I’m sure you’ve seen it time and time again on YouTube; animal encounters captured on a GoPro. These popular little action cameras have seen it all. Watch a kayak fisherman fight off an aggressive hammerhead shark. Check out this shot of a red fox carrying off and attempting to eat a GoPro. Take a look at what it would be like to be stalked and chased by a marlin in the open ocean. And good luck sleeping after you feel what it would be like to stroll into a rattlesnake pit.And don’t forget about the countless POV shots, including both a hammerhead and a great white shark cruising around the ocean. My personal favorite is an amazing sequence of a golden eagle hunting and catching a fox. You can capture your own animal POV shots with GoPro’s Fetch dog harness mount. Oh yeah, squirrels like these cameras too.

While most animals like to attack or try to eat GoPro cameras, some just like to borrow them. This time it was a seagull in the Cies Islands, in Spanish Galicia. Watch as the seagull grabs the camera and goes for a short flight around the area, finally giving the camera back to the alarmed owner. Pretty good camera work if you ask me. Perhaps you can hire this bird for your next shoot...

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