Behind the Scenes Photographing Wolves and Bears in Finland

I can't get enough of wildlife photography and documentaries. So, when a photographer takes the time to show a behind the scenes view of their work, I get really excited. 

I've been lucky to shoot some wildlife photography, but I am by no means a wildlife photographer. When I see how much time and patience goes into getting that perfect shot, I'm in awe. So, I choose to enjoy it as much as possible from the comfort of my desk and let it just inspire me.

Wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer is a photographer who never fails to inspire, and his new video series documents his recent trip to Finland photographing bears and wolves. In this first video, he sets the stage for a lot of what is to come in the next few videos. The most entertaining part is just how excited he gets when a bear shows up, even though he has been sitting in a blind baking in the sun for hours. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series since Hilmer always does a great job with showing just what goes into getting these amazing photos. 

Also, check out one of Hilmer's previous video showing all the gear he packed for this Finland trip. 

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Michael DeStefano is a commercial/editorial photographer focusing on Outdoor Lifestyle and Adventure. Based in Boston, MA he combines his passion for outdoor sports like climbing and surfing into his work. When not traveling or outdoors he is often found geeking out over new tech gadgets.

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i hope video #2 is better.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of these wildlife photos in Finland are made possible by spreading food all around the hide to attract the animals. I am not saying that it is the case here, but chances are high that it is. I am yet to find a tour operator in Finland not baiting wildlife. I love this country and its nature, so if anyone knows about something ethical there, please do tell me, I'll book almost immediately!

So 3 seconds of bear footage and no wolves in a 12 min video about shooting bears and wolves?

Look again-wolf @ 11. 54 o'clock.

Fair enough but I shared it more to make people aware of the series as a whole from his Finland trip. Still, I think its an interesting look behind the camera.