The EOS RP: Can Canon's Budget Mirrorless Camera Match the Demands of Wildlife Photographers?

When it comes to the kind of camera a wildlife photographer might choose, Canon's EOS RP is probably pretty far down the list. Nonetheless, with a sub-$1,000 price and the ability to take both Canon's new RF lenses and the existing library of EF lenses, it could be a great option for a lot of photographers on a budget. This excellent video will show you what you can expect when shooting with the EOS RP in the wilderness.

Coming to you from Brent Hall, this great video discusses Hall's experience using the Canon EOS RP for wildlife photography. The EOS RP might seem to miss a lot of the boxes a wildlife photographer needs checked, with specs such as a relatively middling maximum burst rate, but that does not mean it can't be used at all. However, one major box it checks is its affordable price, as it is the only current generation full frame mirrorless camera you can get for under $1,000. And while Canon certainly had to make some concessions to get to that price point, it is still a camera with plenty of capabilities that can produce excellent images in competent hands. Check out the video above for Hall's full thoughts.

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Robb Armstrong's picture

As an RP owner, I cannot wait to read the comments on this.

Luca Santirocco's picture

Me too, I want to read comments from the Sony Defence Force :D


How do you like it?

Do you agree with reviews that it is worse than crop cameras from Sony and Fuji?

Does the slower than entry rebel bursts bother you?

I'm a m50 owner and was looking into an R or RP for next year if business picked up, don't know now how it will fare, but good to know anyway

Robb Armstrong's picture

I love it, but it’s my first FF camera. I understand it’s limitations and know I’m basically getting what I’m paying for. The slow burst speed doesn’t bother me too much, but I don’t take many photos in burst mode. I’m more than a year into now and I feel I’m getting photos with it I really enjoy. I took this photo recently with the 35mm RF.

Joseph Ting's picture

I have a 70-300 EF paired with my RP. I did some shots. of some gulls frolicing in a puddle of water from rain.
It was good for me as I really have no better camera to compare. I moved from a T6s to this, and I am reasonably pleased.
Everything is as described in the video.
I also did some macros with the same lens and a tube extender. that also worked ok, but needed some good light to focus, such as sunlight.

Robb Armstrong's picture

Ive started experimenting with flash using macro. I got this photo with the 35mm RF and I’m not disappointed.

Kent LaPorte's picture

Canon: can we please have focus stacking on the EOS R so we can be as cool as RP owners?

Brent Hall's picture

Hey thanks for the article and the kind words Alex!