The Finalists for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Are Here

The Finalists for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Are Here

The competition for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is now closed, but you can have a look at the numerous entries which photographers have submitted. And I must warn you, these are photos of the derpiest animals you have ever seen!

Created by wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is described as an unpretentious competition that does not take everything too seriously. While they are of course serious at choosing the best and most funny images for the winning entry, a look at their terms and conditions will definitely have you laughing:


6. You must have taken the picture yourself within the last 99 years. Seriously you wouldn’t believe what people try and submit these days […].

8. No Pets, domestic, farm or captive animals please! Sorry, I know your hound is hilarious but this is a wildlife photography competition and that means no domestic animals and no animals that live in zoos or other captive environments.

16. You must think Bohemian Rhapsody one of the greatest pieces of popular music ever written […].



Last year, Julian Rad won the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards with "Rush Hour," a photo of a European hamster. And this year, the judges are going to have a hard time picking the winner. A laughing frog, a fish trying to eat a bear (yes!), and a couple of headless penguins were among this year’s entries. There was even an owl with a GoPro! You can see all of them here.



What’s your favorite entry from the finalists of 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards?

Please share the hilarious wildlife photos you have taken if you've got any.


Image used with the permission of Raj Bungaree


[via Esquire]


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Arun Hegden's picture

Wonderful shots. The last one seemed the funniest to me. :D

Khatleen Minerve's picture

I know ! It's like natural sunscreen :D