This Photographer Has Spent Over Six Years Capturing Squirrels Doing Human Things

This Photographer Has Spent Over Six Years Capturing Squirrels Doing Human Things

This photographer specializes in photographing red squirrels, and has spent over 6 years doing so, even running squirrel workshops and publishing 8 squirrel books. Here are some of the best shots he’s captured which illustrate the intriguing personality of the animal.

For Dutch/Swedish photographer Geert Weggen, it all began when he caught a fox stood on his doorstep. After feeding it some meat on that initial encounter, he found the fox returned every day, providing Weggen with a golden opportunity for some wildlife photography up close. Soon, he says, the fox was getting braver and even interacting with some props he’d left out.

He says other wildlife started to flock to his balcony, and it wasn’t long before squirrels started visiting.

Eventually, red squirrels appeared and they still come daily to my outside studio. Little did I know back then that it would become my living.

He has even created an outdoor studio, which he is able to photograph the animals from through his kitchen window. He has positioned a table in the studio, which he arranges different scenes upon, before the animals take position. Have a look at some of his most incredible shots below.

Check out Weggen’s great work at his website and Instagram, the latter of which boasts over 66,000 followers.

All images courtesy Geert Weggen, and used with permission.

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Darren Loveland's picture

Love this dudes work, it has such a magical feel to it, and darn cute!

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That's cute. He should do some video like this