Smart Campaign of an Animal Shelter Speaks for Itself

Smart Campaign of an Animal Shelter Speaks for Itself

Visual imagery, when used properly, can become one of the most powerful tools of making an impact around any disturbing topic. The recent campaign for an animal shelter World for All in India is a bright example of it. Photos of puppies and kittens might work, but I am inspired by how the creative team took this campaign beyond what we see on a regular basis. Optical illusion, more precisely figure–ground reversal, is used intentionally to create new visual images with the play of foreground and background within an existing image.

A large team worked on the creation of this campaign. The challenge was not only to take photos of loving families but to use background, shapes, and lights to create a blank space shaped like animals. I am sure a lot of post production was involved after the photographer Amol Jadhav took the required photos, but the final result is more than pleasing.

What do you see when you view the thumbnails of these photos?  A cat, a dog, a bunny, or a family? What triggers does your brain get when you watch these images closely? The campaign was featured on Behance and holds several awards in advertising. Yet another remarkable example how photography delivers a strong message and calls to action! Enjoy the set and don't forget to take an action if you are a pet lover. 


Client: World For All
Agency: McCann Worldgroup India, Mumbai
Prasoon Joshi- Executive Chairman & Regional ED AP
Pradyumna Chauhan- National Creative Director
Sharmad Khambekar- Creative Director
Art director: Pranav Bhide
Writer: Pranav Bhide
Photographer: Amol Jadhav
Retoucher: Pranav Bhide 
Finisher: Nitin Sawant, Nagesh Mithbawkar

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Lee Morris's picture

This is one of the most clever and well produced ideas I've seen in a very long time.

Emma Grigoryan's picture

I thought the same. Then I started analyzing it and was lost in psychology terminology in Wikipedia. What is even more stinking, that the idea/implementation is kind of "mobile optimized". Everyone is mobile, and when you view it on smaller screens it just pops!

Anonymous's picture

"Then I started analyzing it and was lost in psychology terminology" - Im not sure, but I would categorize this as Gestalt psychology!?

Michael Yearout's picture

Really well thought out.

Anonymous's picture

Thumbnails on home page look like smoking/ghosting animals - adopt or they get the easy bake oven. Ha! they certainly work better larger scale.