Affinity Photo for iPad: 50 Percent Off Flash Sale

Serif have just announced a flash, two-day sale of their professional photo editing software, Affinity Photo for iPad. You can buy the software until 7 a.m. EST, Saturday, December 9 for $9.99, a saving of 50 percent on this powerful app.

Apple have just declared Affinity Photo their App of the Year for 2017. If you don't already own one of the compatible devices — iPad Air 2iPad 2017iPad Pro 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch, and 12.9-inch — but suspect that Santa might be delivering one to your stocking, you can buy the software now through the App Store and install it on Christmas morning.

Fstoppers' Alex Cooke played with Affinity Photo when he reviewed the iPad Pro 12.9-inch as a workflow solution in October and found it to be an ideal companion to Lightroom Mobile, especially when using the Apple Pencil, saying, “The combination of the iPad Pro's capable hardware, awesome screen, Lightroom Mobile, and Affinity Photo really makes for a complete editing solution.”

Announced as a comprehensive editing package that is comparable to desktop software, Affinity have incorporated a wide range of retouching tools. You can dodge, burn, clone, blemish, patch and treat red eye, as well as perform non-destructive editing using Levels, Curves, White Balance, HSL, Shadows and Highlights, and more. Affinity claims that their selection refinement algorithm is one of the best available, capable of identifying single strands of hair.

And for those concerned about Adobe compatibility, Affinity have ensured that they have "unrivalled PSD support" to go alongside all of the industry standard formats, allowing users to import, edit, and export Photoshop files without losing any adjustments.

In September this year, Serif updated Affinity Photo for iPad to take advantage of the new features made available in iOS 11 and the new Files app for dragging and dropping images. This means that workflows involving focus stacking, HDR, or creating panoramas are now even more streamlined.

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Deleted Account's picture

Had my eye on this software for a long time. Took advantage of this sale and has exceeded my expectations as far as functionality and speed on my iPad Air 2. Absolutely love it!

Michel Corbin's picture

I tried purchasing the app as suggested, through the App Store since I don't currently have a compatible iPad, but it just takes me to the iTunes preview page where you cannot purchase. Visiting the Mac App Store only allows one to purchase the desktop version.

Andy Day's picture

Argh. Apologies. The reply from Affinity about this came a little late. You will have to borrow an iPad, log in to your Apple account, and make the purchase from there. Sorry for the confusion!

Blake Griffin's picture

As a work around for not having the right iPad. You can buy it as a gift for yourself. They email you a code and then you use the code on the right device.

Andy Day's picture

Thanks Blake! Great idea.

Felix Wu's picture

I bought it two weeks too early.