Affinity Photo for iPad Is Updated for iOS 11, Supports File Drag-and-Drop

Affinity Photo for iPad Is Updated for iOS 11, Supports File Drag-and-Drop

On Tuesday this week Apple released their latest mobile operating system, iOS 11. Now Serif, the creators of photo editing software Affinity Photo, have also updated their iPad app to take advantage of the capabilities introduced in iOS 11 such as drag-and-dropping images to and from the new Files app.

Serif believes that the new update will allow iPad users to treat the Affinity Photo app much like they would on Mac or Windows. Now that multiple files can be selected at once and dragged into the app for focus stacking, HDR, or creating panoramas, the workflow has become more streamlined. “The whole experience of bringing files into and out of the iPad app is now much closer to what it is on a desktop, and of course we’re delighted to be among the first apps to fully take advantage of all this great new functionality,” said Serif Managing Director Ashley Hewson.

Serif also points out that Affinity Photo for iPad can open many different file types, including PSDs — layers and all. This alone may make the app a valuable tool for professional photographers who are often working out of these files layer by layer, and you can even save out these changes as PSD to seamlessly switch between platforms.

Affinity Photo or iPad is available now on the App Store for a one-time purchase of $19.99. Previous owners of the app will be able to upgrade for free. More information on the app can be found on their website.

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Dana King's picture

You should do a piece on how Affinity stacks up against the other competition. I am really behind this company on taking on the big boys and winning. Already a purchased owner of their software.

I'm about ready to give up on buying iPads. I've owned cellular versions of them since the beginning. The problem with owning an iPad is that all it takes is just two years of bloated updates and the devices slow down dramatically. That's because unlike a normal computer, iPads (and iPhones) are heavily dependent on RAM. Run low on RAM with a regular computer and data is simply swapped over to storage and retrieved when needed. On an iPad, that data, for example this text I am typing now, will simply disappear as the browser tab it is under will be purged of data to make room for new data. For that reason alone no iPad should have the word Pro after it.

Unfortunately, and as expected, my two year old iPad mini 4 on iOS 11 is now quite slow for many functions, and browser tabs and runnings apps are now being purged very quickly. It's an awful experience. It is the same experience I have had with my previous iPads.

Apple is very cheap when it comes to adding suicent RAM for long term proper use, and two years of use isn't enough for me. Of course Apple could redesign iOS to function like a regular computer OS. That would affect battery life, but that wouldn't be a problem today if they were not so unreasonably focused on device thinness. I suspect iPad sales will once again start dropping, which is a shame because they are otherwise fantastic devices. Mine is my primary computer, with my big iMac resting most of the time. I'm typing this on my iPad.

Ryan Mense's picture

I come and go when it comes to iPads. I've owned three models over the years. The best thing one can do is buy them when they can be found on eBay from a reputable seller moving thousands of them for sale prices, then that really helps when it comes time to sell for upgrading. My last two iPads I sold for the same or more than what I paid for, after a year of regular use. It's more effort, but they hold their value quite well for the first couple years, allowing a relatively low cost upgrade path. You just can't wait to long because there is a cliff.

Of course you kind of ran into a wall with the iPad mini 4 since there is no comparable model to upgrade to. That's a shame since it's such a convenient size.

Sure most Apple products have good resale values, but I think you got lucky or someone overpaid. Unfortunately I think the path to the cliff is short and the cliff is too high when it comes to owning iPads. I believe the reason why iPad sales were dropping for so long is because they become so compromised so quickly. While a significant portion of the population is oddly OK with paying so much for a new phone every two years, or even every year, Apple thought they could get away with the same thing with the iPad. They were wrong.

Unfortunately the rumors point to the mini being discontinued. It is the perfect sized iPad for me. I have a cellular version and I take it almost everywhere with me. I'm typing on it now. When traveling with it and my Bluetooth headphones it is such a helpful and enjoyable device. I would never go back to carrying the original sized iPad, which now happens to be bigger than before. It's simply too bulky. The mini easily fits in the pockets of my jackets, which is a fantastic convenience.

Dana King's picture

planned obsolescence is that everyone is doing, not just Apple. Apple was already caught and admitted they slow down older iPhone (IOS based device which means iPad would fall under this genre of "slow down"). I am an ex System Admin (IT/SERVER guy). This is something I knew about for years which is just now hitting the mainstream media. I prefer OSX over windows hands down but at this rate of idiocracy Apple Corp is going to revert themselves to how they were before Jobs and Wozniak (the Woz) returned to Apple.

william mitchell's picture

I wish the desktop version had the selection persona. In someways the iPad version has a better interface. Now if only getting files on and off the iPad was easier, something apple needs to work on.

You aren't the first to ask William - it's on the cards for the desktop version - but we're going to add some more selection features for 1.7 (after the upcoming 1.6 desktop update) - so it will most likely happen at that time..

Daniel Araiza's picture

you can transfer in and out files from ipad very easy using the iXpand USB from sandisk