Instagram Adds Features for Visually Impaired Users

Instagram Adds Features for Visually Impaired Users

Instagram is striving to make their app more inclusive, and they're doing so by adding features that will help visually impaired users to better enjoy using the app. You can also take advantage of these features to help visually impaired users better enjoy browsing your photos.

The company recently announced the two new features. The first is an automatic alternative text generator that will allow users to hear descriptions of images when using a screen reader in the feed, explore, and profile tabs. This feature leverages technology that recognizes objects in photos to generate the text. The second feature is one photographers and other users alike can take advantage of: custom alternative text. This allows users to add text descriptions to their photos. To access this, when creating a new post, simply click on "Advanced Settings," then "Write Alt Text." From there, you can add a text description of your photos that people using screen readers will then be able to hear when browsing. As the app now appears on more people's phones than ever, it's great to see the company taking steps to make it more accessible for all users. 

Lead image by Lisa Fotios, used under Creative Commons.

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Edward Blake's picture

Hopefully they can put something in place for the cognitively impaired next.

Preparing to make a move to stock photos collection?

Michael Jin's picture

Curious to know how many people who are visually impaired to the point where they need to hear descriptions of images are on Instagram in the first place...

Marco De Maio's picture

When ban all bots?