TapTag Is A New Scavenger Hunt App For The Adventurous Photographer

TapTag Is A New Scavenger Hunt App For The Adventurous Photographer

A sense of adventure has always been a common trait among photographers especially those who photograph landscapes. This sense of adventure often takes us to some interesting and remote locations. Well now there is an app that allows you turn those remote destinations into a scavenger hunt for other adventurous souls to find. TapTag allows you to leave a photo "postcard" of the location you visit for others to find.

For anyone familiar with GeoCaching, this is a very similar concept. GeoCaching is a massive global scavenger hunt which has hidden markers (usually ammo boxes) all over the globe. People who travel log in to the GeoCache app and can find local ammo boxes that have been stashed away and filled with a variety of trinkets from those who have visited prior to them. 

TapTag enhances this scavenger hunt experience by bringing in a visual element to the game. Instead of hidden ammo boxes, you simple leave a virtual "postcard" within the TapTag app for others to discover. You can then visit these locations and share the visual experiences of those who were already there.

TapTag further enhances the experience by cultivating a community within the app, similar to other social media networks. It allows you to follow people along on their future adventures.

This could be a very neat way for photographers on location to leave behind BTS footage from their on-location shoots, and a cool new way to build an interactive audience who is keen to see what will happen next.

[via Imaging Resource]

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Seems interesting...

Think there will be anyone concerned about virtual pollution? :|

I'm not finding it in the app store

No app yet - it is still in beta. I might update the story with that information. Cool idea but not quite out yet ...