Generative Fill in Photoshop Performs Magic Changing Furniture

The domination of A.I. Generative Fill continues. This YouTuber uses it to re-edit an old image that he delivered to a client some years ago, and the results really are staggering.  If you're thinking of how Adobe Photoshop Beta's Generative Fill can work for you, then this is the video to check out.

These are the latest updates for Photoshop beta 24.7 build 2205:

  • Beta Update Check:¬†Now when there's a new version of the Photoshop (beta) app available, there will be an in-app notification that lets you update easily.¬†
  • Generative Fill¬†will now continue to process and display results while in the background and not in focus.
  • On-Canvas Gradients¬†now change to "Classic Gradients" while in Quick Mask mode to make it easier to work with them with Quick Masks.
  • Improvements and refinements to the previews during single-click selections using the¬†Object Selection tool¬†(better edge quality and corresponding selection, better performance).
  • Enabled Multithreaded compositing during Save operations to help speed up the save process. (more improvements in this area to come).
  • Improvements to app startup time (tools now load-on-demand, rather than all at startup).
  • Many bug fixes.

Glyn's video shows how he's used modern AI techniques and software to re-edit an old image that had to be edited by hand in Photoshop, and to be honest, the results are incredible. Much quicker than before and with better-looking results. 

Glyn shows us how this is achieved and how certain things still have to be done in a certain order, like matching color, and how AI compares against photography techniques.

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His color match tutorial in the video is awesome !!!!!!!!

I know right? Glyn is Awesome when it comes to this stuff.