10 Common Astrophotography Questions Answered

Astrophotography is by far one of the most specialized genres out there, requiring quite a bit of specific equipment, software, and technique, but capturing things that are unfathomable distances away can be really rewarding. If you are new to the genre or looking to improve your work, check out this awesome video tutorial that answers 10 of the most common questions people have about astrophotography. 

Coming to you from Astro Backyard, this great video tutorial discusses 10 of the most common questions people have about astrophotography, ranging from the sort of equipment you should use to how to focus your camera and telescope. If you are really serious about astrophotography, it is well worth investing in an equatorial mount (it does not have to be a very expensive one to start). The problem is that due to the earth's rotation relative to the stars, you can only shoot for so long before the stars start to blur due to the motion, and for deep sky objects, you need much longer total exposure times. An equatorial mount cancels out the earth's rotation, keeping your camera still relative to the sky, thereby allowing you to shoot much longer exposures. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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