5 Points for Photographers Testing the Waters of Astrophotography

This video from Cuiv, the Lazy Geek, a YouTuber with a popular following in the astrophotography community, brings up some considerations for photographers who are dipping their toes into astrophotography, including broad considerations and commentary on differences and difficulties traditional photographers may find as they explore astrophotography.

Cuiv operates out of tough conditions for astrophotography. He operates primarily from his apartment balcony on a multi-story building in the outskirts of light-polluted Tokyo, so his own results are truly inspirational for the bulk of us who are city-dwellers. But his video may come off as a bit discouraging as he goes through his list. 

His complex setup in the background (all specialized equipment for deep-sky astrophotography) implies that the traditional cameras and lenses of photography are not useful. But the truth is that “astrophotography” includes such a wide range of endeavors that there is a correspondingly large range of equipment that can be used. The dramatic increase in popularity in taking astrophotos is largely due to the fact that consumer equipment now puts many types of astrophotography within easy reach. 

When looking at astrophotos on the net, pay attention to the equipment used for the shots you are drawn to. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out it’s not such a big reach for you to get into astrophotography.

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