5 Tips to Get You Started in Astrophotography

Astrophotography is a genre that takes a lot of specialized knowledge, techniques, and equipment, but when you get things right, the results can be stunning. If you are new to the genre, this great video tutorial features five tips to help you get on the right track and produce better images.

Coming to you from Nate Luebbe with B&H Photo and Video, this awesome video tutorial discusses five tips for getting started in astrophotography. One thing to really take note of is how Luebbe advocates not being afraid of using higher ISOs — likely much higher than you are used to. You might think that you can just use a wide aperture and bump up your shutter speed as long as you want, but without an equatorial mount, the sky will start to blur due to the rotation of the Earth. The speed of this rotation is faster than you think — often limiting your exposures to 15-30 seconds depending on the focal length you are using and the resolution of your sensor. It is much better to bump up that ISO and to keep things nice and clear. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Luebbe.

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