Skills Every Photographer Should Have for Night Sky Photography

The night sky offers stunning photographic opportunities for all sorts of genres, but with those comes an array of challenges that require some specialized skills. This helpful video tutorial discusses some of the most essential skills photographers need to have for night sky work. 

Coming to you from Dave Morrow, this excellent video tutorial details important skills any photographer working with the night sky should have. Depending where in the world you are located and the time of year, the night sky can offer a huge range of great opportunities ranging from auroras to meteors and more. One simple thing that will make your life easier is paying careful attention to the weather. There is nothing more frustrating than setting up for a late shoot, lugging your gear to the location, and being foiled by a cloudy sky. You do not have to be a meteorologist to know when it will be ok to shoot; the majority of weather apps can give you a nighttime or even hour-by-hour forecast of cloud cover, making it easy to know when it is a good night to head out or if you should wait until the next. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Morrow. 

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