Take Your Videos to the Next Level with Musicbed

Take Your Videos to the Next Level with Musicbed

It's a well-worn but true adage that audio can make or break a video. Musicbed is a new subscription service that hopes to revolutionize the way filmmakers access and use songs in their video productions.

While many new filmmakers focus on camera settings, technique, and movement, the bedrock of their video project is inevitably a strong soundtrack. There are myriad number of sites that offer royalty-free music for this purpose, but Musicbed offers filmmakers and creatives full access to real, emerging indie artists and leading composers with unlimited music for a monthly or annual fee or on a per-project basis.  

The service is genre agnostic and is geared for any sort of work, be it wedding, business, nonprofit, or freelance, to name a few. Musicbed also caters specifically for those utilizing social media with their YouTube/Creator Membership. This gives creatives the ability to use unlimited music in their videos on Vimeo, YouTube, Patreon, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

With YouTube specifically in mind, Musicbed has a peace of mind tool called SyncID. Available for all Membership types, SyncID automatically clears a user's videos for monetization on YouTube once they’ve connected their channel. After the user generates a SyncID, they can paste it into their video’s description (or the claims box), and it will be cleared in a matter of minutes. 

Musicbed boasts an impressive roster of artists and composers that number in the hundreds, with their A&R team adding to that list on a daily basis. The website has a clean interface and is easy to navigate with a number of different ways to find the song that best suits your project. You can check out their site for a full list of artists, songs, and membership options.

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Got suckered into doing wedding videos by my cousin and since I've done four other weddings and 5 engagement shoots, and even find random reasons to shoot video, washing my dirt bike, walking the dog, etc lol.....Signed up for Music Bed so my videos would stop getting flagged and it's been a blessing. Super easy to use and a great variety.

Good music, but way overpriced for small projects, as in, 4x industry standard.