'Ballistic' BJ Baldwin Storms the Streets of Cuba in His 800-Horsepower Trick-Truck in Recoil 4

What do you get when you combine over 800 horsepower housed within the loins of a world-class trick-truck, one fearless driver, and the scenic streets and culture of Havana, Cuba? If the always creative Sweatpants Media is involved, you end up with an intensely high-octaine adrenaline rush of a short film, respectfully referred to as Recoil #4.

“Ballistic” BJ Baldwin is known for several things. For one, he’s Bob’s son (you either know, or you don’t), secondly, he’s fearless in his nearly bullet-proof Monster Energy Trick-Truck, in which he’s won the infamous Baja 1000, and shot numerous videos displaying his lack of fear, questionable style, and the capabilities of his world-class race vehicle. 

This year, Sweatpants Media, several of the Motorsports industry's leading aftermarket manufactures, along with Baldwin produced yet another one of a kind short film, which Baldwin refers to as the most epic production he’s ever been a part of, utilizing the latest camera technology to capture these stunning feats of vehicular showmanship, shot throughout the streets of Cuba.

Just in case you've missed the previous three Recoil videos and need a little mid-week adrenaline boost, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

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He's like Ken Block, but with a truck. 😁 I would have preferred to have seen Ken Block doing his thing instead.

I wonder how long before someone says American culture will ruin Cuba's culture.

Ken Block


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Love the Gymkhana videos

Mitchell Sargent's picture

haha my thoughts exactly...

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Scarcity, such as poverty, leads to creativity.

This is me on school run.

a lot of the shots made were in TARARA en neighborhood with houses stolen by the revolution to its owners.
Shame on any person that thinks going to Cuba is fine while they can enjoy freedom in us or europe.

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Love the Ballistic series! If you ever get the chance to ride in a trophy truck do it. You might crap your pants though. I was given a ride in Carl Renezder's famous Ford Ranger (about as close as you can get to a trophy truck). It was driven by Josh Baldwin (unrelated) down at Mike's Sky Ranch about a decade ago. It was crazy how smooth the ride was.

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One of the perks to shooting and building relationships with teams over the years has been many 100mph+ rides through terrain you'd never believe would allow those speeds.

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Awesome! I'm jealous. The days of chasing for a few buddies is long gone for me dammit.