Three Go-to Boudoir Poses

Posing is not just something that randomly occurs on shoots, it's an intentional effort put forth by both the photographer and the model. This is never more true than in the case of boudoir shoots, which is why it is important to have some good, foolproof poses handy.

By now, you're probably not surprised that yet another fantastic video is headed your way from the incredibly talented Michael Sasser. There's a reason I love his videos; his work truly speaks for itself, and this new tutorial is no exception. I've shot my fair share of boudoir sessions at this point in my career, and I still find myself looking for better ways to improve my craft. You'd think that poses would be formulaic in nature, something that you could just put into place and expect each shoot to essentially just take care of itself, but that's not the case.

Studying good poses, having a strong grasp of body mechanics, and understanding which poses work for which body types and lighting is really what is at the root of the craft. Having a couple favorite poses, you could even call them signature shots, is something that I would highly recommend exploring. Sometimes, you really do need to just fall back on your experience and let what's tried and true actually work for you. Honestly, I think it's more grounding than anything else, utilizing techniques that perform regardless of who your subject is. So, give it a shot, and watch this video before you do so.

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Adrian Gudewicz's picture

I like your video
I have to try to take such pictures someday

Gary Bowen's picture

That was lovely. Great rapport with Johanna. Nice and comfortable! Where can one find the PDF for the android or do I have to purchase that? or do I need to enrol in your course? Thanks.... Gary

Marcin Piotrów's picture

Love it!
Thanks for sharing!