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Tips for Shooting Boudoir Outdoors

Shooting outdoors can be easy, yet it can also be tricky at the same time. There are some variables out of your control, like an unexpected person walking in your background or simply a change in weather. Sometimes, you just need to avoid the crowds as best as possible. Especially when you are doing boudoir type photos outside, finding those secluded locations may be a bit of a challenge.

So, how would you find secluded locations to shoot boudoir outside? In this video from boudoir photographer Michael Sasser, he covers a few different tips, including how to work with the model to give feedback, how to find potential locations, what app he uses to a get preview of the location before arrival, and even what app he uses to check the position of the sun. Even driving around, or in the case of the video, flying around to scout potential locations is great, but doesn't always mean they will work out when it's time for the shoot. Having a few different options are always great in case the path to go to the location is closed.

As with any type of shoot, good preplanning can help set up for a successful shoot. What are some tips you have for shooting a boudoir shoot or any type of photography outside?

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Spy Black's picture

Isn't boudoir outdoors an oxymoron?

Ivan Lantsov's picture

is undrware noting else

Dave McDermott's picture

Well this is the same guy who did a boudoir shoot in a helicopter. :)

Sanket Khuntale's picture

So much, for these images! :)

Catherine Bowlene's picture

Not every model would be happy with the idea of shooting boudoir outdoors, but the result is sooo great! I remember when a girl asked me to probably change the background of the photos in photoworks so that it would look like we were shooting outside. That's another way to go, lol

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John Austin's picture

Thanks for sharing .

Daniel Hobebila's picture

This is no "boudoir" shooting. This is just a shooting outside. Has nothing to do with "boudoir".

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