100 Weird and Wonderful Photo Ideas to Try in 2020

Creative ideas do not always flow as easily as we'd like sometime. If you're suffering from photographer's block, these creative ideas are for you.

Many photographers guard the secrets behind their photoshoots very closely. Thankfully for us, Jordi Koalitic is one person who doesn't. This week, Koalitic has made a jam-packed video showcasing his top one hundred ideas to try with a camera, and it is well worth a watch.

The video contains everything from gravity-defying floating objects, to clever perspective tricks, to capturing seemingly impossible action shots. The great thing about this particular video is that after the secrets behind each idea are shown, the final image is displayed on screen so you can see exactly what those crazy setups can produce. Another great thing about this video is that the majority of the ideas given are created in camera rather than relying on post-production. This is refreshing to see these days, as a lot of photographers tend to lean on Photoshop rather than trying to do it all in one shot.  

Coming in at just under 12 minutes, you really have no excuse to not make time to watch this gem of a video. With the sheer number of suggestions made in this clip, I'm sure there will be at least a handful of inspiring suggestions you'll want to give a try. This is exactly the kind of video that is great to bookmark so you can revisit it when in need of a jolt of inspiration.

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Cool image, mirror held in front of lens?

What an image! Looks great

What I like about Jordi's videos is that they are very creative and very simple. No expensive equipment or software.

Have Fun,