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Art and Dogs: A Fascinating Short of William Wegman

There are certain images that have become so ingrained in our psyches, they are almost dismissed outright. If you've ever been in a bookstore, browsing the photography section, you've seen the docile faces of the Weimaraners of William Wegman. The images are always clean, crisp, and have become immensely popular in the last 20 years, gracing coffee tables and calendars alike. The temptation to dismiss them as commercial drivel is strong. But that would be a mistake!

Ted Forbes, founder of The Art of Photography channel over on Youtube, has made a short video documenting the process and history of William Wegman as part of his new "Artist" series. The journey of the man from short film maker and painter to icon has been long, involved, and fascinating. I believe that it's too easy to forget about the artist behind the images and the steps they've taken that make them who they are. Those steps shape the outlook of the creator and are directly reflected in their work.

In the video, you really become aware of Wegman's processand why he uses the media he uses. The love for his dogs comes through in spades. It's refreshing to see a video that details a photographer that may be dismissed as calendar bait in such an honest way. There's a real artist behind those images, worthy of our attention. It's definitely worth a viewing or two if you have a moment.

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Ralph Hightower's picture

We're partial to Beagles. But I enjoy Wegman's photos.

J J's picture

Wegman is much more interesting than I realized.

John de la Bastide's picture

Thanks, I enjoyed that !