Beautiful 2 Minute Animation Details What An Editor REALLY Does

We might be focused primarily on photography here at Fstoppers, but many of us shoot video and many more are heading to the dark side and getting into the world of motion. This gorgeous little animation from the guys over at Inside The Edit details what a video editor does, and why editing is both misunderstood and yet so critical in the narrative process. 

For those of us who work with video, we know that editing is not only often the most overlooked part of the production process, but how absolutely critical it is in delivering the nub of the narrative and story that is being told. Without a good strong edit, the best shots in the world shot on the best gear will ultimately be nothing more than eye candy.

But what does an editor really do? While this stupendous little animation doesn’t realty go into meaty detail of specifics (that would be missing the point of the summary info that’s covered in the animation), it provides a wonderful journey into the role and mindset that we editors go through.

I've been editing and enjoying learning how to edit on and off for the last decade or so, but that’s not the reason I’m so enthused with this animation. The reason I felt compelled to post it is because it tells a wonderful, entrancing story, delivered in an innovative and seamless way, without any fuss, frills or folly. It harmonizes both visual imagery and audio together beautifully. If that isn’t really a perfect analogy for what great editors do, I really don’t know what is.

Via [No Film School]

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Joe Gunawan's picture

Excellent video!

CDGPIX's picture

this is great!!!!!

Mike Wilkinson's picture

Great piece, and true in every point.

corrado amenta's picture

excellent video and concept. if you enjoyed that you'll surely enjoy this one by apple

Spy Black's picture

...and when all of it fails miserably, they tell you you're holding it wrong...

David Geffin's picture

Brilliant, love that too, thanks Corrado

Chris Blair's picture

Great animation. Thanks for sharing.

Jaron Schneider's picture

So true!! Spot on!

Ivan Ivanov's picture

Always have wanted to be able to create visuals like those... Awesome work and message.

Spy Black's picture

Nice video. Sly plug. ;-)

Editing and audio. The two most overlooked aspects of video production...

David Geffin's picture

Agree SB. Not sure about the plug comment, I have no connection to the source where i found this or the company who is doing the editing courses. I just loved the design of this animation, it really spoke to me :)

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I noticed what you did here