List of Every Adobe CC Desktop Application Update Available Today

List of Every Adobe CC Desktop Application Update Available Today

We got a fleeting glance of all the updates being made available to creatives today during the Adobe MAX keynote, but Adobe spent a majority of their time talking about mobile and connectivity. We managed to get a complete list of software updates that are coming to your desktop apps too and have it here in one place for easy perusal. 

All of these updates were actually announced at IBC earlier this year, but they are being made availalble today.

Photoshop CC

New features/updates:

  • Creative Cloud Libraries is a powerful easy to use creative asset management feature of Creative Cloud that allows creative people to easily access, share and create with their favorite colors, brushes, text styles, images and vector images through their favorite Creative Cloud tools and services.
  • Extract Assets: A new user-friendly visual interface built on top of Adobe Generator that makes it easy to define and package image assets from individual layers or layer comps when designing a webpage. Plus take advantage of new SVG export from Adobe Generator, greatly speeding up your screen design production time and giving you confidence that your designs will look the way you intended.
  • Improved Guides: Quickly create multiple guides at once instead of having to create or drag out each guide individually. You can also save your guides as a preset for reuse. Newly improved guide creation lets you easily set multiple columns/rows accurately for width and margins.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 Touch devices, including the Surface Pro 3
  • 3D Updates:
    • 3D printing support for COLLADA files, including rigging and animation data
    • 3D Support for PDF Files: Work with Acrobat and share your 3D designs in PDF format
    • New 3D printer profiles, including iMaterialise, and new Makerbot and Ultimaker printers
  • Mercury Graphics Engine performance boost (GPU accelerated Focus Area) - Up to 3X improvement in performance for Focus Mask for a faster and more responsive experience.


Other feature improvements and JDIs

  • New scripted pattern for generating flames
  • Improved UI for Fill and Fill Path
  • Updated default values for Layer Styles
  • Updated new document presets and default document size
  • Updated Pattern presets
  • New Pattern presets for web design
  • Holding CMD/CTRL with Move tool selected toggles Auto-Select
  • New keyboard shortcut for locking layers (CMD/CTRL + "/")
  • New keyboard shortcut for hiding layers (CMD/CTRL + ",")
  • New menu item to collapse all Layer Groups
  • Document save now recorded in History panel
  • New Preference to enabling overscrolling when document does not fill the window
  • Creating a new group with layers selected automatically puts them in the new group
  • Improved display of Properties panel for Live Shapes
  • Added transparency support for copy/paste from Photoshop to other applications (Mac only)
  • New edge padding option for Select > Modify commands
  • Improved UI for Adaptation parameters in Content-aware Patch and Move
  • Improved algorithm for Content-aware features
  • Improved enterprise compliance of cloud-based features
  • Adobe Color panel (formerly Kuler) now ships with Photoshop
  • Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus dialogs have been adjusted to fit better on wide-screen displays


Other changes

  • Auto-enable "Windows HiDPI " experimental feature on Surface Pro 3 devices
  • Splash screen is now 1080p ratio



  • Set pick flags and star ratings without having to switch contexts or modes.
  • Collect feedback on shared collections using That feedback will then flow back into Lightroom mobile. (Stay tuned for how this feedback will flow back into Lightroom desktop in an upcoming release).
  • GPS information from the iPhone now syncs with Lightroom desktop.
  • Plus, there have been bug fixes, performance improvements and, Lightroom mobile  1.2 adds support for Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Spanish.


Premire Pro CC

Automatically generate new bins based on search criteria, including Advanced Timeline Search. Search bins update automatically as you add new content to your projects. Streamline large projects with Consolidate & Transcode. Bring everything you need into one workspace with new Multi-project workflows: open media and sequences from other projects and bring existing clips, edits, transitions, or graphics directly into your current project. 

Premiere Pro helps you keep on top of today’s high-resolution workflows. Open or encode GoPro CineForm, an easily managed, cross-platform codec, ideal for high resolution footage. Harness the power of the GPU with native support for 4K, 5K, 6K and higher content, now including AJA RAW, Canon RAW, and Phantom Cine, as well as RED and Cinema DNG footage. 

Adobe After Effects CC

Along with a new look, the next release of After Effects offers an enhanced Live 3D Pipeline, allowing artists to work faster with 3D elements in their compositions, enhanced Anywhere collaboration, and usability refinements that make motion graphics and visual effects work easier and more efficient.

Adobe Prelude CC

Log your metadata while the event is in front of your eyes. Use keyboard shortcuts together with your custom tags to prepare content efficiently—and without typos. Deliver media that gives your editor a running start for a faster turnaround in postproduction. Add In and Out points more efficiently and apply transitions across clips in the Rough Cut timeline. Replace, or augment, camera audio with new support for multiple audio tracks.

Adobe SpeedGrade CC

Working with Looks in SpeedGrade has never been easier: hover to preview Looks in the main image Monitor, and click to apply. Add Curve adjustments by adding and dragging points on a curve. Use Curve grading layers on their own or in tandem with the other SpeedGrade color correction tools. With Grading Layer Grouping you can group and name parts of your overall Look, combine Looks, or copy and paste selected grading layers. Add 4K monitoring with Enhanced Mercury Transmit, including new support for Blackmagic video cards.

Adobe Media Encoder CC

Render and deliver your work in one fell swoop with Destination Publishing: Add preset options for FTP sites, or your local Creative Cloud folder. Send to multiple locations and track rendering and upload in the same panel. Automate transcoding of all of your project files at once by dragging Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro XML projects into your Watch Folder. 

Adobe Audition CC

Open virtually any video format, including RED, XDCAM, MXF, and others. Video files now load faster and play more smoothly. Minimize background noises while amplifying and leveling speech with a powerful new Target Dynamic Range parameter providing even better volume leveling for spoken content. Read and add notes to audio files with iXML metadata support.

Adobe Story CC Plus

Customize text boxes so that notes and comments stand out and assign numbers to camera shots to align with your scene order.

Adobe Anywhere

Adobe Anywhere for video adds robust collaboration support for After Effects users and brings refinements to the Adobe Anywhere app for iPad, including new scrubbing gestures and sorting options. A new streaming API allows facilities and broadcasters to integrate content from Adobe Anywhere into a variety of user experiences on the web or mobile devices.

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"New Preference to enabling overscrolling when document does not fill the window"

Thank god! This is especially useful for those that Free Transform a lot.

Example: A layer/image is much larger than document area, but you need to transform its boundaries that are way beyond the document edges.

I always thought it was silly that I had to zoom past fit on screen to get this ability.