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Behind the Scenes with Mark Seliger and Lenny Kravitz

Mark Seliger is, without a doubt, one of the great photographers of our generation. Seliger's prolific portraiture, out-of-this-world conceptual work, and his dedication to furthering photography has earned him a place in the ranks of master photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Ralph Gibson, Richard Avedon, and Walker Evans. In this two-part video produced by Profoto, Seliger takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot with rock icon, Lenny Kravitz.

Below is part two of the series where Mark dissects the lighting and technique used in his shoot.

[via ISO 1,200 & Profoto]

Mark's been on my short list of photographers I'd love to sit down and chat with for quite a while now. Who's portrait work inspires you the most?  Let me know in the comments below.

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David Lara's picture

Solid images... Nothing overly wow about them. Although do like the image they selected as the others seemed like other images of him already before.

I do like that he uses different cameras, DSLR, MF and Film....would be interested in seeing the film selects and how they might all work well as a collective body for this album.

Austin Rogers's picture

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with you, David. Just cool to be a fly on the wall while a real master goes to work. :)

Joshua Brangenberg's picture

I would relish the opportunity to sit down and talk with Platon. His work is absolutely stunning and he has worked with amazing world leaders and people who have influenced the world in an amazing way. Just five seconds with him would blow me away.

Austin Rogers's picture

Totally man, he's on my short list for people I'd love to grab a coffee with. Incredibly talented and, from what I understand, very humble.

David Lara's picture

He definitely doesn't seem full of himself and someone that would sit and talk with anyone. I think his repore with people is what sticks out (well beyond the obvious, that he takes great photographs of course)

Ryan Daley's picture

Why are there always like 8 people setting up a light in these videos? Is a crew that large there just because you can afford to have them there? Just seems overkill, but maybe thats the point.

Austin Rogers's picture

I do get the feeling that there's a level of theater involved in producing these high-caliber shoots. :) Definitely prone to overkill.