[BTS] Ryan Schude Photographs "The Diner"

In this video , Ryan Schude walks us through his incredibly complex image "The Diner". This is an incredibly complex scene which was shot at an old diner in LA and was lit entirely as one scene.

This scene involved a mind bending 24 lights and, 20 cast members and 12 hours of shooting! The final image consists of several different shots blended together to get the best expressions from each person. This is definitely a different approach from photographer Erik Almas's work, which I posted a video of earlier. Ryan's work is definitely an inspiration for all of us to get out from behind the computer and go do something incredible.

If you're interested in the lighting set up, check out Ryan's guest post on Scott Kelby's blog HERE, which has a complete lighting diagram.


From Nick:

Hey guys, I’m brand new to the FStoppers team and I’d love to hear from you, stop by my Facebook page or check out my website, www.CharlestonsWeddingPhotograper.com

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KGB's picture

That music in the background is extremely annoying.
Never choose BG music that has singing when you're doing voiceover on a how-to video.
I made it :56, then bailed out.

James Robertson's picture

I want to know where people get the money for these projects..do they make it back with the images somehow?

Jay Stebbins's picture

I am impressed. The level of prep and organization it takes to pull an image like this is impressive. I would love to see more of these BTS videos. I love seeing what other photographers are pulling off.

Nicholas Gore's picture

@twitter-264239296:disqus Unless they're selling the images as fine art, usually personal work like this is just something that they can add to their portfolio and show off what they can do. The hope is that spending a little money on a project like this will net them paying jobs in the future. 

Jens Marklund's picture

Why is every photographer making composites? Stop being lazy.

Shooting Sisters's picture

I don't understand people who can only trash someone else's work, but are not able to produce anything of their own that is half as good. The amount of effort and organization skills that were needed to go through a project like this is huge, further more, the guy worked with volunteers so he didn't have the money factor to keep them interested while on set. This is fascinating work with artist's impeccable sense for details and story telling. He deserves nothing less than admiration! Well done! :)

Michael Delman's picture

Agree with KGB.  I made it to :58.   Seriously, the music is FAR too LOUD.