Go Behind the Scenes With These Wedding Photographers

Do you want to dip your toes into the world of wedding photography? Or maybe you just booked your first wedding and still are a little nervous about how the day is going to unwind? Well then this behind-the-scenes video is for you.Coming at you from Bree and Stephen Photography, this video breaks down a wedding day from a photographer's perspective. The photographers highlight their process and how they get the shots they're hired to take.

I love this video because it breaks down the photographers' step-by-step methods for shooting a wedding day. It has solid behind-the-scenes footage with supplemental narration on what and why the shooter is doing what he/she is doing. One tip in the beginning that I thought was helpful is asking the couple to gather details, such as invitations, shoes and the rings, the night before to not cause stress and to create a seamless transition while shooting.

Another aspect I enjoy about this video is that the photographers explain how they overcome obstacles throughout the day. For example, when the lighting isn't ideal in a room, they convert the images to black and white so they can rid of flat light and other distracting elements. Another way they overcome an obstacle is by getting the same shot twice in a different location when the client wants to shoot in a particular place, even though it might not be the best from a photography standpoint. 

Even if you already have your minute-by-minute schedule down for shooting weddings, this video is worth watching also for more posing ideas. When watching this clip, you'll get to see how the photographers set up the poses as well as the end result, which could be incredibly beneficial for you and your own process.

Press play to learn more tips and to see more behind — the-scenes footage from a wedding day. Leave a comment below saying what you found most helpful, and feel free to leave your own advice for other photographers, too. 

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