[BTS] Voices Of Haiti: Behind The Scenes

This is how you photograph a disaster torn area. The (possibly) staged pictures children's toys in rubble do wonders to sell magazines, but when it comes to getting a sense of the actual people who are affected by the disaster, this is how it should be done.

Jeremy Cowart traveled to Haiti shortly after the earthquake that left entire cities nearly demolished and through his photographs, gave the people a voice. I really think it's a beautiful series of photos and learning how Jeremy did it makes it even more impressive.

If you haven't seen them you should really check out the final photos HERE. They're definitely worth a look.

From Nick:

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Who could not be deeply moved by this? I'm sure the images did have an impact on the bureaucrats holding the purse strings.Jeremy Cowart and his assistant did something that I am positive has made a fundamental difference to many lives.
My hat is off to you Sirs. 

Strong Work

Philipp Blum's picture

Very moving pictures