Can Iconic Photography Be Passed From Father To Son?

Can iconic photography be passed from father to son? This was the question that caught my attention at the beginning of this short film. Los Angeles-based street photographer Estevan Oriol’s style is intense. It’s raw and it’s edgy. It depicts a side of street culture that isn’t always positive, yet within the images a captivating reflection of humanity can be witnessed.

Oriol has made a successful career photographing social elements that don’t typically receive a lot of exposure in one of the world’s busiest cities. Influenced strongly by his father Eriberto Oriol (also a noted Los Angeles based street photographer) and supplied with a Minolta camera at an early age, Oriol went on to gain notoriety for his raw and gritty views of the city and the people within.

Immersed deeply in the hip-hop and low-rider scene in Los Angeles early on, Oriol obtained an understanding of LA street culture that allowed him to tell a unique story with his images. His edgy style of street photography has become regarded as some of the most influential of its kind and nearly 20 years after beginning his successful photography career, Oriol’s portfolio is bursting with excellently gritty images.

Along with shooting for major companies like Cadillac, Nike, and Rockford Fosgate, as well as directing media projects for My Cadillac Stories, MetroPCS, MTV, and Apple, Oriol has been behind the album covers and music videos for recording artists including Eminem, Cypress Hill, Blink 182, Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit.

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I think it's rare that a child will successfully follow in their parents footsteps in the creative arena. This is especially so if the parent is high profile. Just look at the Beatles kids. This is not to say that it doesn't happen, but it's rare.

Estevan has influenced me and countless other photographers of color. I grew up with his images of Cypress Hill on my bedroom walls. His LA Woman series is amazing and when we think of Los Angeles it's his photography that always comes to mind first. It's so dope to see him (and his Dad!) getting his props.

That's great! Had no idea Estevan's dad was also a photog. I totally believe it gets passed dad is a photog, and so am I!