Creating a Fantasy "Composited" Portrait In-Camera

If you are into fantasy or photo-illustration style photographs, you are likely well aware of compositing, or shooting key elements separately and blending them in Photoshop. While compositing is made easier thanks to software solutions like Photoshop, have you ever considered how they are done without it?

With this video, photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows you how a fantasy portrait is created 'old school' with simple elements rigged together. The image was later cleaned up in Photoshop.

Make sure to visit The Slanted Lens for a complete lighting breakdown.

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Sven Uckermann's picture

Love the stuff from lanted lens. But on the other side they often build perfect sets etc but then making an composit anyway. Would love an "make it perfect" without photoshop series ;)

Christian Berens's picture

That was great! I'd be interested in how they built the stand to hold the model!

Chris Quijano's picture

@3:56 this guy must watch peter hurley's Headshot to learn how to squint just a bit.