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Creating a Fantasy "Composited" Portrait In-Camera

If you are into fantasy or photo-illustration style photographs, you are likely well aware of compositing, or shooting key elements separately and blending them in Photoshop. While compositing is made easier thanks to software solutions like Photoshop, have you ever considered how they are done without it?

Book Lighting Technique: Creating the Softest Light Possible

If you are interested in creating the softest light with an amazing wrap around quality, look no further. The book light technique, coined by film maker Shane Hurlbut is so simple and basic, requires the most inexpensive light modifiers, yet gives you the maximum control over the quality of light.

Gregory Heisler Talks Photographic Style: This Inspiring Little Speech Could Change your Life

Well renowned portrait photographer Gregory Heisler in his interview above with Maine Media Workshops + College, shares invaluable insight and advice for photographers. Heisler begins with a funny incedent that took place when he was starting off as a photographer. From there he goes on covering everything from the mistakes he made in business, to understanding and developing your unique style in photography.

Game of Thrones Season 4 - Visual Effects Behind-the-Scenes

The hit TV show on HBO Game of Thrones has some stunning practical and visual effects. Season 4 was no exception, and the team has behind the VFX just released a behind-the-scenes video showing what they did. If you haven't watched the season yet, be aware, it contains SPOILERS.

Light Painting a Landscape in Lightroom

Watch this video where Glyn Dewis talks about his method to shoot landscapes, and his use of various techniques to develop the image in Lightroom with some fine tuning in Photoshop.

Simple Tutorial to Understand Curves in Photoshop & Camera Raw

Curves are by far, the most powerful and versatile color and tone manipulator in Photoshop. Many photographers like Erik Almas & Brooke Shaden swear by it, and is a major part of their workflow. Curves can be very intimidating at first, but once you truly understand how to use them, they will substitute the sliders of Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, Shadow/Highlights etc. that you are used to.

Harper's Bazaar Shoots Ladies of Downton Abbey

If you are into TV series, you would have definitely heard about Downton Abbey, beginning in the years leading up to World War I, the simple drama portrays the lives of Crawley family and their servants. The series is a window that takes you back in time to show what goes on in a aristocratic society of that era with some historic moments in the mix.

Understanding and Controlling Catchlights

Every photographer knows that the eyes are the soul of a portrait. Besides the emotional aspect, there is one important technical factor that, if done right, will light up the eye of the portrait and enhance the connection with the viewer: the catch light. In this article we are not only going to understand catch light, but learn how to control it with this amazing video tip from Felix Kunze & Sue Bryce.