Gregory Heisler Talks Photographic Style: This Inspiring Little Speech Could Change your Life

Well renowned portrait photographer Gregory Heisler in his interview above with Maine Media Workshops + College, shares invaluable insight and advice for photographers. Heisler begins with a funny incedent that took place when he was starting off as a photographer. From there he goes on covering everything from the mistakes he made in business, to understanding and developing your unique style in photography.

Style isn't like "I use a beauty dish and a fill." Style isn't "I cross process my film." Style isn't "I desaturate my color in Lightroom."

This small video of just about five minutes will not only tell you what is a photographic style, but also how to go about having one. It is a definite must watch for new photographers and even professionals in search of developing their own style. Seriously, don't miss it. This inspiring little speech could change your life!

[via PetaPixel]

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Kristjan Järv's picture

Amazing video!

Adam Bender's picture

Amen! Shoot what you can't help but shoot!

Sara Smoot's picture

There is some serious truth to what he was saying about having good relations with our customers. I know a fabulous photographer who always steps out a little further for her customers and she always genuenly listens and talks to them so that they can experience the best. Her customers are constantly returning and referring her for more work.
Great video, very insightful!!

Sid Vasandani's picture

I agree Sara, isn't it interesting that the 'technique' of photography plays such a small part in the large picture.

Sara Smoot's picture

Yes, the more I'm in this profession the more I realized that this is true!

Scott Wilson's picture

Someday my internet will let me watch this, but for now I can't. I watched a great long interview with Heisler awhile back, and it was right on target about the industry today, and very encouraging for me as a newbie based in Montana. He has very good advice and insight, and a long career that's survived a lot of transitions in the industry.

Angel Vargas's picture

Always nice to hear some thoughts and inspirational tips!

Bo Bickley's picture

Sid - Thanks for posting this. He is such a generous and giving photographer. Great gems of wisdom and advise. He is spot on in everything he has said.

Kalyan Yasaswi's picture

Can't help but notice the video was shot with one camera, one light and one lens. They kept mirroring the frame for cuts.

Bob Bell's picture

That last bit definitely hit a nerve and something I'm working towards as of this week.
I got 2 paid jobs recently but it was doing stuff I hated and made me doubt if I ever want to do this full time. Decided I'm not interested in getting paid for just anything so going to concentrate on taking and making pictures I'm passionate about.
I feel even better about it after watching that, so nice one! Great post :)

Glen Thaxton's picture

The man has spoken

Roman France's picture

Heisler the GOD dropping more truth bombs. Love this guy.

dan mejia's picture

Hi !!!
Sorry, but english is not my native language......can anyone explain to me what he meant with "Shoot what you can't help but shoot!" ?


Sid Vasandani's picture

Hello Dan, in simpler words it means to 'Shoot only what you desire to shoot'.

dan mejia's picture

Awesome!!!....Thank you!!!

Stian Zimmer's picture

Love the twist he has put on the classical "the photography business over" and turns it against the photographer that has said it

RUSS T.'s picture

:) nice