Harper's Bazaar Shoots Ladies of Downton Abbey

If you are into TV series, you would have definitely heard about Downton Abbey, beginning in the years leading up to World War I, the simple drama portrays the lives of Crawley family and their servants. The series is a window that takes you back in time to show what goes on in a aristocratic society of that era with some historic moments in the mix.

Shot against the beautiful backdrop of Firle Place in Sussex, it is interesting to see photographer Alexi Lubomirski take on this shoot for the cover of August issue of Harper's Bazaar with Michelle Dockery, Lily James, Laura Carmichael and the female cast of Downton Abbey.

The shoot is very similar to the likes of Annie Leibovitz, with a different approach to lighting and color grading.

[via PhotographyLife]

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Karma Wilson's picture

I LOVE LOVE LOVE DA! However, this video, while well done, was lacking. :) I wanted to see more finished photos, and more camera setup detail. But still, I swooned watching the whole shoot. Ms. Pattmore in "high style" and the elaborate sets? SWOON! :)

Christian Berens's picture

Wonderful! Only problem was, I couldn't figure out which lighting was "real" haha and which is part of the set. The end result was AMAZING!!!