David E. Jackson Brings Back The 80's For Roastar Coffee

What happens when you give a photographer free reign to come up with some crazy ideas, access to a ski park and all the day-glo they could stomach? A crazy 80's ski bunny shoot for Roastar Coffee Bags! This behind the scenes shoot from David E. Jackson walks us through the thoughts behind the thought process behind the shoot and we've got two great videos below that explain some of the post processing.

I'll be honest with you all, I wasn't alive for even the tiniest portion of the 80's so all of this seems a little crazy to me but what about you? Have you ever done anything like this? Ever tried to recreate a decade in your camera?

Let us know in the comments below and also, check out these videos on post processing that went along with the shoot.

ROASTAR PRINT CAMPAIGN - EDIT PART 1 from David Jackson on Vimeo.

ROASTAR PRINT CAMPAIGN - EDIT PART 2 from David Jackson on Vimeo.



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Photographer spends more time looking at the LCD than he does taking images..

Yes...he clearly doesn't have this "business" figured out.

Theese comments are kind of retarted. Do you seriously think the shoot happened in 5 minutes and you got to see all the time he spent on taking images?

Wow! Chill out, I just made a simple observation! No one is attacking him. He is obviously a very talented photographer, but chimping happens to the best of us.

Just tired of troll who never seem to chill and really dont think before they write. Just a tip.

so you figured out by watching a 5 minute video of a photographer shoot a paid ad campaign and produce quality images that the client was pleased with that he hasnt figured out the "business"? this is how the video was edited. you also must review images with the client/ad campaign. how can you POSSIBLY make an assumption that he is a poor businessman from this one post? Let me preface this by saying I have shot  international ad campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world. I see nothing wrong with his style of shooting and producing content for his clients. what a ridiculous comment. I also am tired of people trolling.

You have obviously never worked with Dave and know nothing about him... 

All you observed was that in the video he was looking at the LCD.  What was he doing the rest of the time?  So planning, lighting, and makeup don't count towards taking an image?  I suppose the models were just posing all that time to keep themselves occupied while he was "chimping"

I happen to understand very well what goes into a professional photo shoot, I've been making a living shooting commercial photography for years. My observation of the photographer's habit is being blown way out of proportion. I think you guys need to relax a bit and stop looking like such staunch fanboys.

I just did a photo shoot where we hit a few decades: http://thatwerks.com/2013/01/17/first-model-shoot-of-2013/

All of the lighting, shooting and retouching was done by me.

Rock on Dave!!!  Welcome to Wisconsin Bitches!!!!

It was an all day shoot Sy, you're getting a very small glimpse into how things actually played out.

Just making a simple observation of what I saw, nothing more. The photos turned out great, Dave is definitely a pro. Epic beard too!

I love it :)

The 80s...loved 'em.  The age of Miami Vice, MTV one hit wonders, synthpop music, pastel and day glow colors.  I was just out of college and it was a lot of fun back then.

Awesomeness....Ridiculous, but awesome....right down to the soundtrack! :)

This is awesome - thanks for sharing!  Some people are so f*cking ignorant.

Someone turn off the noise filter. That was a legitimate shoot, and the final images work. Nice job, Dave.

Imi place melodia intitulata 'Sunt asa de excitat'

I remember the 80's... I remember this ski wear! lol... Love this shoot and PP!

Thanks for the processing walk through.
As well as the PS techniques used : A good reminder that it's good to be mindful of conditions etc when waiting for hair & makeup and to always shoot additional content.