Douglas Kirkland on Photographing a Seductive Series of Marilyn Monroe in 1961

Douglas Kirkland on Photographing a Seductive Series of Marilyn Monroe in 1961

Legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland has worked with some of the most influencial celebrities in the world since 1961. Starting his career at the age of twenty-four, he was hired that same year by Look Magazine to photograph Marilyn Monroe for their 25th anniversary issue. His process and gear were simple but what he talks about to capture perfect seductive moments with Marilyn is brilliant.

Marilyn built fantasies for people, that's really what she did and thats what she wanted to do and that's who Marilyn Monroe was.

After shooting with Marilyn Douglas has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman and many more to create one of the most complete portfolios known in the industry. Some of the gear he used specifically for this shoot were his Hasselblad, a single flood light with plastic scrim, an 80mm f/2.8, a 150mm f/4 at 1/30 of a second always shooting wide open. 

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If anyone ever gets the chance to hear Douglas speak, I highly recommend it. I went to a two-hour lecture he gave at Adorama in NYC and I was blown away by his energy and the amazing breadth of his work.

I can only hope I'm that full of life when I get to his age.

His monograph "A Life In Pictures" is pretty phenomenal as well.