Ever Wonder What $221,000 of Leica Cinema Lenses Look Like?

Coming in from Devin Graham and the talented crew over at Devin Super Tramp, this massive gear envy video lets us see what it looks like to purchase $221,000 of Leica Summilux-C glass.

Unboxing videos may be out of fashion on YouTube these days, but I guess if you're going to do one, you might as well go all-out. Graham talks a little about why they chose each particular lens, even listing off cinema influences. In total, six lenses were purchased: the 16mm, 21mm, 29mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 75mm.

As photography and film move closer and closer together, the technologies and tools have started to blend together. With every new generation of traditional photography cameras and lenses, the ability to produce amazing video content both in and out of Hollywood has started to become commonplace. However, when you take the leap to full-time filmmaking, both the prices and quality of gear take a sizable leap forward. As more photographers move toward shooting video (walking that line between still and film gear), making the leap to true cine lenses can be a difficult and can even be a dream-level career move.

Recently, Graham and his studio have been posting a lot of videos showing off some big upgrades both in their editing and filming capabilities. It seems like some pretty big changes are coming, and maybe something like a feature-length film is on the horizon. As a bonus, you can check out another recent video of Graham unboxing $25,000 of Sigma Cine lenses for the studio's full-frame camera systems:

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It was too long and I'm not really into video anyway but can someone tell me how we get from $25,000 in lenses to $221,000? Are there a lot of other lenses discussed or ???

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They bought two sets of lenses for 2 different camera systems. The Leica cine lenses are Super 35 and the Sigma are full frame. There are 6 lenses totaling $221,000 in the Leica set and 7 lenses totaling $25,000 in the Sigma. Not sure if that answers your question. They tested and researched several different brands and models of lenses for each system and chose these for a variety of reasons they mention in each video.

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Oh! I watched a little of the video and thought the $25,000 set were Leica. Anyway, thanks!

Dropping one of those would mess up your day.