Footage So Good You'll Slap Your Mother | Mövi On Skis

Red Bull has yet again set the bar higher for motion capture capabilities combined with sheer awesomeness. And to answer your question, yes it involves more flying. In this epic behind the scenes footage we see the workflow for creating high speed footage while flying through the air with the subject on skis. If this sounds dangerous it's because it absolutely is. Check out the full video spot below.

I think the most exciting part about all of this footage is that we are still very much at the beginning of seeing what is possible with these new cameras and devices that augment the footage. In this video we see Nick Goepper break down his slope style tricks. Go follow RedBull on Youtube for more videos like this.

No mothers were harmed during the writing of this tutorial, thankfully.

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Jaron Schneider's picture

Holy sweet hibbidy gibbidty that was amazing.

Jeroen Rommelaars's picture

That looked awesome! Btw - what was the 'gas' from the container near the end? It created an awesome effect in the cold!

Allen Stimmel's picture

Headline sounds like Tim Hawkins

Zach Sutton's picture

Sorry mom :-(

Jayson Carey's picture

They had a dude one-handing $45-80k worth of gear off of a ski jump... Holy hell.

Chris Luong's picture

I swear it almost looks like cg

windmark's picture

That is so amazing! The different angles makes it so cool.

David Vaughn's picture

Now we have to start berating the camera companies for not including 60 axis gyroscope stabilization in their cameras/lenses.

EnticingHavoc's picture

I really like the stuff and the flawless execution is beyond any doubt. It plays in the same ballpark as Hollywood considering that this is real and not CGI enhanced. Despite all the drool one has to keep in mind that it's all about money involved. The money at hands the better the final result. Therefore when a behemoth like Red Bull takes matter in it own hands the outcome is destined to be of highest quality.

Nathan Hamler's picture

Is it just me? or was the DSLR strapped on the body mount fairly unnecessary?? Could have done the same thing with comparable quality with a FAR lighter GoPro....

Stefan's picture

it's just you.

Martin Beebee's picture

Okay, now THAT was a great use of the Movi. Up to now I'd been jaded and annoyed with the whole "game changer" hype. But that was game-changing.

Aaron Grubb's picture

wow. awesome setup

Johnny's picture


Dave L's picture

They've been doing this and more for years.... "13" by Poor Boyz Productions came out in 2009 and is epic. And they only got better since then. Plenty of examples from Poor Boyz Prod and Teton Gravity Research. The setups they have here are cool for a few shots, but they don't really show the magnitude of the tricks. It's like watching an entire football game broadcast with only helmet cams.