Gear and Tips to Consider for Ski Photography

Do you love hitting the slopes and want to try your hand and eye at ski photography? Watch this video to learn of some gear and tips that will help you get started. 

Coming at you from Ski Utah, Advertising and Commercial photographer Adam Barker talks gear and tips to help you capture great ski imagery. The video is a few years dated, but the rules of thumb and gear still make sense. You don't need to own a top-of-the-line model camera like Barker does, either. As Barker himself states, any camera that allows for a high frame rate and fast shutter speed will get the job done. If you have decent low-light lenses, maybe even consider getting a high-end crop sensor body like the Nikon D500 to help cover more focal length. I personally use the Nikon D750 because I find its frame rate to be adequate for sports and action photography (like skiing) while I also utilize its dynamic range and low-light capabilities for landscapes and low-light shooting. 

One piece of gear that the photographer mentions that I think shouldn't be overlooked is your camera bag. When shooting skiing and other sports in the outdoors, like Barker states, not only do you need a comfortable bag to wear all day but you also need one that will hold all of your camera and outdoor gear. The photographer makes his own recommendation, but I personally like to use the Mammut Trion Tour 35+7L as well as the North Face Snomad 23L. I pair both with my f-stop Pro ICU - small so that I can comfortably carry my outdoor gear while also having access to and protection for my camera bodies and lenses. 

With all the gear talk being said, one tip Barker gives for shooting skiing which I think is fantastic is that it's important to not get hung up on not having, or trying to spend money on, the latest, greatest, and most expensive piece of gear. Sticking to your vision first and foremost should be the main priority when shooting skiing, or anything for that matter. Different level lenses, camera bodies, and bags will definitely enable you to experiment with different techniques and shooting styles, but at the end of the day your eye and mind is what will create fantastic ski imagery. 

Watch the video above for more gear and shooting suggestions for your next ski photography outing. 

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