How They Made That 'Game of Thrones' Scene So Darn Cool

"What the heck just happened?" I remember saying to a friend as we finished Season 5, Episode 8, "Hardhome" of Game of Thrones a few weeks ago. I was in a crowded bar with many other GoT fans as we all just sat in silence as the credits rolled. This was no "Red Wedding" but I still had that "Oh S***" feeling you get when everything hits the fan.

On pins and needles the entire time, this was one of the show's most epic battle sequences and it was no small challenge to shoot and composite the special effects to make it all feel so real. It's hard to believe this is just a TV show sometimes. The Hollywood grade special effects were some of the most massive composite work in the show's history and the team over at El Ranchito Imagen Digital made the bone chilling 15 minutes of television worth every second.

In the clip above, El Ranchito Imagen, showcases the extreme attention to detail and extensive process it takes to create these shots. Utilizing green screen, stunt actors, composites and VFX, we now know for sure that it is time to head south. Winter is here.

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Art Sklut's picture

I agree. What an incredible sequence. I watched it again each time they replayed it the following week. That look on Jon Snow at the end where you now know this is what Westeros needs to worry about, not the rightful ruler on the Iron Throne.

Sander van der Veen's picture

At 3:46 the fallin guy just dissapears.. other than that great how they can make it these days!