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The Importance of Exercising Your Creativity

Creativity comes in many forms, but something that all disciplines have in common is that you need to practice — not just your technical skill, but the act of thinking differently. 

Jessica Kobeissi is one of my favorite YouTubers right now. Her style is extremely different from mine, but I love how she continually pushes herself (and her friends) to be more creative. In this newest video, she brings on photographer Antonio Espino to create some portraits together in three stages. The first is a normal portrait with natural light, the second is with a silly prop (that watermelon would be a challenge!), and the third is the open-ended "Unconventional."

Creative exercises similar to this are always a good idea in my book: getting your brain working in different ways, something that is not a giant production — sometimes, it is enough to just make some cute photos. Antonio's last photo I loved, as I am a big fan of mixing blur and sharp movement. 

What did you think of the video and exercises? What were you favorite shots, if any? 

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