Joey L Launches BTS Educational Video Site

Online education through video tutorials has become one of the most economical and convenient ways to learn almost any topic, especially if it's photography. Joey L recently launched a new website that takes you on-location and in the studio to see the workflow, thought process, lighting design, post processing, and on-set dialogue that takes place in one of his commercial photo shoots. Check out more trailers below.

The Website

I am one of the biggest supporters of online education and Joey L's new site is a great reason why. His site is designed in a way that offers you the ability to download the tutorials or stream them from anywhere you have access to the Internet. The ability to stream this content is a huge benefit for me because I want to have everything at my fingertips from my mobile device. I literally watched one of these tutorials in public while waiting at the DMV one day and I couldn't have been a happier person while waiting in a smelly room. Multi-tasking like a boss!

The website as it stands now offers 5 tutorials on lighting design, composition, and post processing ranging from 20-60 minutes in length. The tutorials themselves don't waste anytime getting you into the information you need to know and you will undoubtedly add new skills to your lighting and post processing bag of tricks . Once the tutorials start, you are immediately immersed on set as the shoot comes to life, lights are set up, and the lighting explanation unfolds. It's lighting made simple that anyone can replicate. SPOILER ALERT: Joey L shows you what Zombie boy looks like without tattoo's during post processing techniques in Photoshop.

The best part of this service is that the tutorials are only $25 or $30, which doesn't break your bank by any means. These are well worth the price if you are serious about honing your skills as a photographer. As a studio manager for a major commercial production studio, I must say that the information Joey is dishing out is worth much more than the price. These tutorials are a great substitution for internships and assisting gigs you may not be getting and will add a level of confidence for commercial shoots in your not so distant future. This style of teaching using real life photo shoots as case studies in light, composition, and creative direction are pretty rare in today's online teaching circuit and should be on your list of tutorials to check out. If you lack experience, formal training, or both, these tutorials are your fast track to finding your style and voice through the lens. Highly recommended this for portrait and commercial photographers.

Head over to his site and check out the free tutorial he has on the page titled "Varanasi," which take you on location on one of his shoots in India. If you are unfamiliar with his work, check out his portfolio here. Joey L currently has 3 more tutorials in production and a lot more content on the books, both free and paid. Keep an eye out for more tutorials soon.

Here are trailers for the other 4 tutorials.

Three Ways To Light With The Sun And A Strobe

Killing Lincoln Advertising Campaign

Skin And Hair Beauty Retouching

Cinematic Color Grading



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Gary W. Martin is a commercial photography producer and founder of PRO EDU. His company creates documentary style Photography and Photoshop tutorials with some of the best photographer/instructors in the world. Gary has spent 20% of his life abroad and once made a monkey faint in Costa Rica. He speaks English and Romanian.

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Joey L is crazy talented and successful but kind of comes off as a douche.

Considering that the guy only says positive things in these trailers and is generally known as a down to earth cool dude, I can't help but think you're being xenophobic.

I try to take all my opinions of people from 20 second Internet clips too....

He isn't though. I helped him out with one of the videos he will be releasing in the future. I don't really see how you could think he comes off like a douche.

I've actually followed his work for a long time and watched the documentary about his trip to India. He does seem like a cool guy, I just meant since the last time I've seen him he's now rocking gold chains, the macklemore hairdo, and a sleeve tattoo... which is kinda douchey...

Which is exactly my point Jake. You dislike his fashion, therefore he's a douche. I would hate to point out what you're sounding like right now...

Mostly joking around, but you're right.

Mostly joking around, but you're right, my sarcastic tone is hard to hear over text.

Truce. Just think, whenever you feel a photographer is douchey, there's always Terry Richardson.

Hahah amen

Leave uncle Richardson alone. his just a pimp trying to do his thing lol

Perception is reality. If I was a paying participant at Gulf Photo Plus in 2010 and saw him fluffing around for 10 mins telling his two models how great his Canon 1D Mkiii was and then only produce a single Polaroid (lets not forget leaving the stage for 2 mins for "post processing")

Yeah I would think he was a kind of douche. Hobby and Arias didn't treat the shoot out as a joke. What gives him the right to?

But hey he wasn't to bad. He gave each model a bottle of water

Or maybe I missed the followup where he actually gave the audience something for their money??

I can honestly understand his point of attack on the GPP shootout. If you've watched them, the winning image has more to do about the photographer's interaction with the crowd, the outlandish stunts they pull, how "technical" they make their shoot sound, etc etc. Zack proved this point last year by walking out in a costume and then throwing water at poor Heisler (I thought Keatley's image was the best). Point being, Joey was trying to appeal to the crowd and it sort of backfired....I don't think he was being a dick about it; just trying to win an applause pageant.

"Don't think he was" and "coming across as" is where he went wrong. He might be a nice guy but he does come across as arrogant in many of his videos.

You then compare him to photographers like Ben Vong Wong or Emily Soto who are both as generous and caring in real life to how they are portrayed in video.

Speaking of Von Wong. He says he is not even in the same league as JoeyL. To me humility goes a long way

My friend knows him personally, he's a very down to earth guy.

Does anyone know where he got those stick figures to preview the lighting?

Shops with kids toys or art shops.

You can get 'drawing mannequins' at most art stores or amazon. I'd actually recommend set.a.light 3D if you're looking to take your pre-lighting to the next level. It will even print out a detailed lighting diagram to use in the studio to replicate what you're practicing on the computer.

But I just saw his interview where he says he has his own team of editos and does he even do this anymore? I don't think so.

Now he just needs to work on his main site as there are a lot of dead links :) Talented guy though. Good for him. Young too.

You can get the figurines he's using on Amazon. A little spency but cool!

Another talented Canadian kid.

Come on fellas, leave Joey alone. Btw, that hair cut has existed since before prohibition, don't know when it became the Macklemore hair cut. Joey is a stand up dude with insane talent. Besssst recogniiiiizzzzzze.

Having met joey and participated in one of his work shops, hes a super cool guy, really down to earth, how you can think hes a douche is beyond me. Judging someone from an clip is so archaic. Jealous is the one thing that does spring to mind of someone who is super talented and is doing something positive for the better of the photography community as a whole.

Whatever happened to community spirit eh?

I really like joey L his work, but too bad he doesn't give Philipe halsman the credit for the idea with the skull.. Maybe he did do it in the extended version though, i'm not planning to pay for it to find out :). >> <<

But it's a very good and smart idea of him to start this website. I'd rather pay $ 25 to see a BTS about a shoot or photoshopping skill which i can learn from than paying $ 200 for a DVD which has a lot of content in it that i already know how to do but might have something interesting in it...

Before i get flamed.. I just read this on Joey L his website...

Tribute to Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman's "Voluptate Mors." Rick Genest, aka "Rico the Zombie" photographed for the cover of Rebel Ink Magazine.

So he did give him credit..
For all the people here that hate Joey L i want to say that you're all just jealous! :)

Question is....are the videos worth the money?

I personally don't think they are. I watched one and all you get from him is the technical aspect of the photo being taken. I think you can find thousands of (free) tutorials from other photographers if that is what you need. The interesting part to me would be how he actually landed the job, or what he had to do to make the images fit for publication on NatGeo, etc. You know...all the things you actually never see. If you want to learn more i think his CreativeLive video series is much better, even if there are some awkward moments in there (meaning: dumb jokes, some silly questions from the internet crowd, and a lot of him just shooting with nothing really happening).

Thanks for the feedback Ramon. I agree, it is typically the case you can find something that you need for free if you look hard enough...There is however, a time and place to pay for a not only good educational video but one that has content you can't necessarily just go out and "find". I agree, it would be great to see the entire backend of the process from getting the gig, to planning it out etc.