Matt Barnes Creates a Mountain Range In Studio for RedBull

Since the very beginning of my photographic career I have been completely opposed to the use of scenic backdrops. I had always felt that they were cheesy and needed to stay within the confines of cookie-cutter yearbook studios. Please feel free to criticize that opinion, because I was completely wrong. Matt Barnes put together an amazing winter set utilizing a mountain range backdrop, snow machines and amazing foreground pieces to bring it all together.

The video shows the alpine setup pretty clearly as well as two other (much simpler) sets used during his shoot for RedBull. Naturally sets like this aren't super cheap to build but the resourceful among you will find a DIY method. What I love about this, and the reason for sharing it, is the fact that it's not a composite. Matt chose to get it right in camera rather than rely on retouching and that unfortunately seems to be less and less common.

Via iso1200

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Big projects come with big budgets but, I was impressed by the outcome.


Never say never when dealing with a talented photographer.

Anyone know the song at end?

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i would have really liked to see more of the finished photos in the video

Similar to the author of the article I prefer shooting in the real enviroment but when it's not possible I like this approach better then composites.

this is so he has a screaming hand tattoo by the looks of it.. as ever good skateboarder should! ha!