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Not Just A Fairytale (BTS)

For the launch campaign of the new H5D, Hasselblad asked Henrik Sorensen to put their new camera through its paces while shooting the new campaign. What he came up with is nothing short of spectacular. Denmark is known as the land of fairytales and castles so Sorensen opted to do a twisted take on that with a floating fairy in an 18th century palace...underwater.

Honestly while I think the whole shoot is awesome, my favorite thing is the backdrop. In a time where the prevailing thought is "we'll do it in post" I absolutely love seeing a photographer make the effort to get it right in camera.


You can see more of Henrik's work at www.henriksorensen.com

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When they showed the massive printed backdrop and submerged it into the water, my jaw dropped. Absolutely amazing. :)

Ha me too. I was like, whoaaaaaaaa no way!

I wonder if you can see any print artifacts on the large backdrop when the image is reproduced at a larger size. With the water (and these are high end pros), I imagine they are minimal, but I am still curious to see it.

By image artefacts you mean chromatic abbreviation, vignetting etc? I think its corrected before it goes to print as much as possible? And if they shot it at ISO 100 there won't be any noise, so image would be pretty much sharp as it can get?

I think he was referring more to the size of the image rather than the image itself. Blowing an image up that big is the equivalent to blowing a wallet size photo up to a poster size. Scaling artifacts would occur. To answer the question though, I don't think the image scaling artifacts would be that bad and even if they were, It's too wide of a shot to notice and the water would help cover up any imperfections. Great photo. Great turn out.

That's exactly what I meant. At that size, the image on the background will probably break down some. I was just curious if you enlarged the final, completed image to a gallery size rather than internet size, would there be noticeable image deterioration in the background (or would the backdrop look noticeably fake). I am assuming these guys are probably perfectionists and would not allow it, but I would still be curious to see it in person.

If they photographed room using Hassleblad body, then I think it would hold nicely. These bodies have something like 40-60mpx, so should be fine to print on canvas/material few meters long. Also, water break downs light/produces refractions etc so I think if there was something wrong with backdrop it would disappear once underwater.

You could use that dome port as a salad bowl! I really liked the vertical composition they ended with.

The copywriters employed by Hasselblad's marketing team know do not know the concept of subtlety: "If your camera system has features that a Hasselblad doesn’t, then you’ve sacrificed image quality to get them."

Beautifully done. I have to say though, that in this case getting it right in camera was more than just an effort issue, it was also very much a budget issue.

Love it!!

Been really wanting to get in to underwater photography and video but the housings are just so damn pricey. I just can't seem to justify it without knowing I could make my money back with it. This video really doesnt help that...I guess I can get a go pro for cheaper but its just not the same. Amazing quality work in this video though, and really loved the idea of using the backdrop underwater.

I usually rent any housings that I need for jobs from borrowlenses.com They have a very large selection for dslr and lenses. Not sure if a gopro's image quality is good enough for commercial work...

Definitely a fave!~

I really loved the video. This was a great BTS that showed every step of the process for capturing the final image. I wish a large camera manufacturer will come to me some day too so I can blow the socks off everyone with an equally or better concept.

This video just made me proud of being a Dane! ^_^ Very well done by the entire crew!