Paolo Roversi Directs Pirelli’s 2020 Calendar

Paolo Roversi Directs Pirelli’s 2020 Calendar

The esteemed Italian editorial photographer Paolo Roversi, known for shooting on 8x10 Polaroid, directed the Pirelli's 2020 Calendar. Past calendars have been shot by iconic photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker, and Albert Watson.

The Calendar started in 1964 and is only made available for a select number of corporate clients and celebrities. This year's theme is called “Looking for Juliet” and gets its inspiration from the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet and the feelings provoked by auditioning for the first time.

Paolo is Italian born, but cut his teeth in Paris in the 1970s ,where he started working in photojournalism. However, soon, he switched to fashion photography and worked as an assistant for famed photographer Laurence Sackman. Eventually, Paolo made a name for himself taking intimate portraits that floated between the past and present. Over the years, he has shot for publications and brands like Vogue, I.D., Vanity Fair, Dior and Nike. Paolo's recent work includes Rihanna’s ANTI album campaign.

In anticipation for the Pirelli's 2020 Calendar, publications like Vogue and Highsnobiety have been posting exclusive BTS and video content featuring Paolo’s famous models. The calendar will feature actresses and artists from a spectrum of cultures. Some of the collaborators include Indya Moore, Yara Shahidi, Kristen Stewart, Mia Goth, and Emma Watson.

Lead image by Myles Kalus Anak Jihem, used under Creative Commons. 

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I love the sound of wonderful words beautifully spoken.

Pirelli, as in the tyre company?

Because tires are so boring. Where do you think Michelin Star came from?

They are boring because they are tire(d)

So basically get top models/celebs....shot by top photographers and make a limited number pre-sold before the shutter even clicks...

Good racket.


Seems like a very decadent and very dated annual ritual to me.

Decadent for sure, dated---noooo.